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PA extends postpartum Medicaid coverage

Coverage has been extended from 60 days to one year following the birth of a baby

St. Mary Medical Center welcomes first baby of 2022

Ellora was born at 7:18 a.m. and weighed in at 7 lbs. 15 oz.

St. Mary welcomes first 2021 baby

Neinlah Kollie and Abdoulaye Apithy welcomed a baby boy at 1:31 a.m.

Dept. of Health: Newborn screenings essential to ensuring youth health

Newborn screening program is designed to screen babies at birth or shortly after for serious medical conditions and disease, as well as hearing loss

Tips to protect yourself and baby while breastfeeding during COVID-19

If a mother or baby becomes sick, the mother should continue breastfeeding to provide her baby with human antibodies

Bill prohibiting abortion because of prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome approved by House

Reps. Gene DiGirolamo and John Galloway voted for the bill while Reps. Tina Davis, Wendi Thomas and Frank Farry voted against itThe TimesThe state House...

Locals creating Parent Survival Kits for CHOP families

Mary and Greg Pellegrino, whose son Bennett was born at only 25 weeks, are looking to help other parents of micro preemie babiesBy Samantha BambinoThe TimesIn...

Local couple serves as inspiration to CHOP families

Mary and Greg Pellegrino, whose son Bennett was born at 25 weeks, are creating Helping Hearts and Parent Survival Kits for parents of micro...

BennettStrong Gala raises $7,000 at Northampton Country Club

The funds will go to the creation of Parent Survival Kits, which are distributed to parents of micro preemie babies at the Children’s Hospital...

Staying BennettStrong

Local Pellegrino family is inspiring parents of micro preemie babies at CHOP’s N/IICUBy Samantha BambinoThe TimesIn many ways, Bennett Pellegrino is your typical little boy. A...
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