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Centennial, Bucks Community College announce partnership

Qualified rising and current seniors will receive automatic admission to the college

Bucks County Community College and Centennial School District are entering into an agreement that will facilitate the sharing of data related to current and former Centennial students.

As part of the agreement, qualified rising and current seniors in the district will receive automatic admission to Bucks County Community College upon successful graduation. In addition to automatic admission, the agreement is intended to improve educational opportunities for Centennial students as follows:

– Increase collaboration between secondary and post-secondary institutions
– Reduce the need for college remediation
– Promote greater awareness of post-secondary educational options, including financial aid and academic resources
– Create seamless transition systems from secondary education to post-secondary education
– Ensure that individuals who are members of special populations have the opportunity to access post-secondary education and are prepared for success
– Develop career pathways that contain multiple entries and exit points to facilitate student success and lifelong learning
– Increase curricular alignment and reduce curricular duplication
– Support the development of integrated and applied curricular content
– Increase the opportunities for students to earn college credit while enrolled in high school
– Increase the opportunities for students to obtain marketable post-secondary certificates or degrees that support their career goals
– Create professional development programs designed to simultaneously engage and support secondary and post-secondary partners
– Utilize data for program and partnership improvement

“CSD is thankful for the vision and collaboration that Bucks president Dr. Ganther and her team is bringing to not only CSD, but Bucks County,” said Centennial School District Superintendent Dana T. Bedden. “We look forward to strengthening our partnership to not only support college degree programs, but also access the many certificate programs that are offered by Bucks County Community College. This partnership aligns with the newly-adopted mission and vision of Centennial School District.”

“It is an honor and privilege to partner with Dr. Bedden and the Centennial School District on ensuring that every Centennial student can reach their post-secondary academic and career goals,” said Bucks president Dr. Felicia Ganther. “This first-of-its-kind partnership in the county lays the foundation for students to get started on a collegiate path with the potential to complete their first year of college before graduating from high school. This partnership also provides students and their families options and avenues to explore careers and high-wage jobs that require less than a year of credentialing. This is truly a historic moment for Bucks, for Centennial and for the communities we collectively serve.”

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