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Juniper Village pilots use of robots for dining services

Self-driving Servis are helping to expedite food delivery and table bussing

Juniper Village at Bucks County, located at 3200 Bensalem Blvd., is piloting the use of robots to enhance dining services at the senior living community.

Known as Servi advanced technology by BEARrobotics, the robots are being observed and tracked on how they help dining services run more efficiently. According to Kris Kishbaugh, regional director of dining services for Juniper Communities, the expectation is for the Servis to assist dining operations in several ways — expediting food delivery in the dining rooms, table bussing, reducing breakage and delivering meals to rooms.

Servis are self-driving, column-shaped robots that stand around 3 feet tall. They come with trays and a bus tub that attach to the unit. While the robot can be remote controlled, it is completely self-driving with a number of sensors and cameras so it can easily navigate any space. It is also equipped with weight sensors, so the robot knows to return to the kitchen after the plates have been taken off or placed on it. Servis are customizable for specific floor plans and other needs.

Check out a Servi in action below!

“Our dining staff have been very receptive to the use of Servis,” said Kishbaugh. “They allow the servers to spend more time in front of the residents knowing the food will come out when it is ready. They don’t have to waste time and energy running back and forth to the kitchen. Also, the Servis make clearing tables much easier as the servers don’t have to carry heavy trays of dirty plates back to the kitchen. This also helps in preventing accidents and dropping dishes.”

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