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Bucks Community College receives $3.95 million to modernize its Enterprise Planning System

BCCC’s technology infrastructure will be modernized for students, faculty and staff

State Reps. Tina Davis, John Galloway and Perry Warren announced $3.95 million in state grants have been awarded to Bucks County Community College by the Department of Education to modernize its new Enterprise Planning System.

The Enterprise Resource Planning System will modernize BCCC’s technology infrastructure for students, faculty and staff.

“In order to be competitive in today’s globalized world, Bucks County students must utilize cutting edge technology,” Davis said. “This grant money isn’t just an investment in BCCC, but in Bucks County’s future. The more competitive our students are in the marketplace, the more prosperous Bucks County will be.”

The college’s president, Stephanie Shanblatt, commented, “In today and tomorrow’s world, capital projects are not always bricks and mortar. This project will propel the digital transformation of Bucks, allowing us to serve Bucks Countians using new user-friendly and more secure technology systems.”

Based on the college’s application submitted in March 2019, the Department of Education approved funding to implement this ERP system at an estimated project amount of $7.9 million. The Department will provide 50 percent of the annual capital expense of this project, and the remainder will be financed by local sponsorship.

“You’re as good as the tools you’ve got,” Galloway said. “In order to be at the forefront in today’s world, BCCC students need state of the art technology to connect with each other and the wider world. This funding will help make Bucks County and its students competitive on a global scale.”

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