Newtown Athletic Club offers Together Tuesdays in November

NAC is working to bring the community together with a common purpose - choosing health

November is a month during which many often take time to reflect on things in their lives for which they are thankful. The Newtown Athletic Club is thankful for each of its members, employees and the community in which it serves.

On Tuesdays during the month of November, it’s encouraging and welcoming all community members to be advocates for their health. In doing so, NAC is opening its doors to the entire community – no matter where you live, what you do or what fitness looks like to you. Must be age 24 or older to participate. No guest fees apply.

All are welcome to come to the club and participate in any activities of their choosing that are available to NAC members every day. Through this effort, NAC hopes that more members of the community will have a positive experience with physical activity and socialization, which will ultimately improve their health and wellness.

This is one way that the NAC is supporting the charge of the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness and Nutrition (, which is to develop ways to increase physical activity for our youth and adults in order to promote good health both physically and mentally.

“The President’s Council is leading the way in our nation to improve accessibility and programming for youth sports and adult physical activity in order to support healthy living which is our best defense against chronic disease and rising healthcare costs,” said Jim Worthington, owner of the NAC and member of the President’s Council. “We at the NAC are positioned to be at the forefront of this movement and will be developing programs in our community which will be accessible to all with no barriers for participation. This is important to us and to our country.”

For more information, visit or call 215-968-0600, Ext. 286.