Most interactive preschool on the east coast opening in January

Newtown Discovery Preschool, powered by the Newtown Athletic Club, promotes a nurturing and curiosity-driven environment

The Newtown Discovery Preschool, a private preschool powered by the Newtown Athletic Club, recently began enrollment. The new preschool will deliver a collaborative approach of learning through play for students two and a half to five years old.

“The philosophy at Newtown Discovery Preschool is to develop the whole child. We work with your child’s natural abilities to expand their view of the world in a supportive, caring and interactive environment. The goal is to instill a passion for learning that will stay with your child throughout his or her life,” said Amanda Sinkler, founder of the preschool who has more than 11 years of experience in childcare and education.

Curriculum for the Newtown Discovery Preschool utilizes the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) learning philosophy with an added focus on physical development, health, wellness and literacy. The brand-new facility will also feature a nature-inspired community that will allow students to learn through exploration, socialization and play.

“The program’s curriculum is structured to spark children’s imagination and actively engage them in their environment through self-inquiry and play-based learning,” said Kelly Mulligan, curriculum coordinator at the preschool. “I am excited to provide innovative learning opportunities for our students in a truly unique educational setting.”

In addition to the core curriculum, Newtown Discovery Preschool provides additional enrichment programs. All students will participate in structured, hands-on activities including gymnastics, dance, fitness and yoga classes to encourage both mental and physical development. The building itself offers a slide that goes from the second floor to the first floor, a grocery-themed play area and registered dietician approved breakfast, lunch and two snacks.

The Newtown Discovery Preschool will be open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily, and families will have the option to enroll their child two, three or five full days a week. This offers parents flexibility in choosing a unique educational schedule to meet their childcare needs.

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