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Tag: pennsylvania-politics

House Republicans fighting to keep D.C. interests out of PA elections

They released a statement in response to two lawsuits filed recently regarding Pennsylvania’s primary election

Firearms Owners Against Crime president endorses Meehan

Andy Meehan, who is challenging Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick, said he will champion the Second Amendment Justice Act to include commutation and expungement for citizens convicted for crossing state lines with a legally owned and permitted firearm

House Republicans act to save family-sustaining jobs

Additional bipartisan votes support first responders and protect jobs

Fitzpatrick introduces Made in America Emergency Preparedness Act

The legislation authorizes the creation of a National Commission on United States Preparedness for National Emergencies, which would look at the national emergency response by the U.S. government and private sector to the pandemic

House begins path to pandemic recovery

The PA House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 327, which will establish the COVID-19 Cost and Recovery Task Force

Warren introduces anti-hoarding legislation during COVID-19 pandemic

The legislation would discourage hoarding by limiting the return of grocery items during the current state of emergency

Meehan promises to sponsor Sanctuary Victims Act

Under the act, municipalities that receive federal funding would be prohibited from enacting and enforcing sanctuary policies

Republican activist Anne Chapman supports Meehan

Andy Meehan is challenging U.S. Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick in the April 28 primary

Fitzpatrick urges independent environmental investigation of Rockhill Quarry

In a letter to the EPA, Fitzpatrick outlined six tests that he believes are crucial for testing the impacts of naturally occurring asbestos and how much of it made it into the residential areas

Fitzpatrick introduces Student Apprenticeship Act

The bill would close the gap between higher education and labor by modernizing workforce training
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