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Farry introduces legislation to improve existing mental and physical health laws

Currently, mental and physical health information cannot be fully shared among providers in Pennsylvania

Stemming opioid epidemic

The Non-Opioids Prevent Addiction in the Nation Act would help break down barriers to non-opioid pain management for those enrolled in Medicare

Fitzpatrick bill would punish those who defund police

The Defund Cities that Defund the Police Act would prevent jurisdictions that defund the police from receiving certain federal grants

Warren introduces legislation in 2021-22 session

The legislation would safeguard people’s finances, ensure health and more

Tomlinson, Schroeder co-sponsor legislation to require establishment of medical director registry in nursing homes

House Bill 2792, sponsored by Rep. Wendi Thomas, would require maintenance of a registry of medical directors to be used by the Department of Health and the Department of Human Services

Legislative action called for to protect Pennsylvania’s dogs

Without raising the cost of licenses for spaying and neutering, it’s been said that the public could experience uncontrolled dogs

Farry COVID-19 bills advance

House Bill 2541 would allow county commissioners to reopen businesses, and House Bill 777 would allow social clubs to keep small games of chance funds for a year after the state of emergency is lifted

Warren liquor reform bill sent to governor

The bill has a COVID-19 emergency provision, which would allow some restaurants and hotels to sell prepared beverages or mixed drinks for off-premise consumption

Fitzpatrick introduces legislation regarding nonprofits, education

Legislation introduced ensures nonprofits that support small businesses receive federal assistance; provides $25,000 student loan debt relief to essential workers and their family members; and assures college emergency grants authorized by the CARES Act are not taxed

Warren liquor reform bill passes House

The bill includes an emergency provision that would allow certain licensed restaurants and hotels to sell prepared mixed drinks during COVID-19
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