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Family Service thanks sponsors of upcoming homeless shelter benefit

The virtual event kicks off April 8 and continues for two weeks

Family Services announces 9th annual Homeless Shelter benefit

The virtual event kicks off Thursday, April 8, at 6 p.m.

Force for Good presents free online screening of ‘Homeless’ Feb. 21

The presentation will feature information on the Tiny House Project in Los Angeles, California

New law provides free IDs for Pennsylvanians experiencing homelessness

IDs are vital to securing housing, getting a job and more

New law aims to improve Pennsylvanians’ ability to obtain ID, update CDL license requirements

Those experiencing homelessness can be issued a free initial photo ID or renewal

Davis presents $25,000 check to Levittown’s Emergency Homeless Shelter

The Bucks County Emergency Homeless Shelter, which operates 24/7, is a temporary residence for individuals and families who have lost housing

Davis secures grant for Emergency Homeless Shelter

A check of $25,000 will be presented at the Levittown location tomorrow

Wolf announces new funding to protect homeless during COVID resurgence

Applications are due by Nov. 16; the minimum grant amount awarded will be $15,000

Bucks County COVID-19 Recovery Fund supports remote learning for homeless students

Recent grants provide teaching assistants and technology at shelters

Assistance available for those experiencing homelessness, unable to pay rent/mortgages

Since mid-April, the percentage of Pennsylvania adults who consider themselves housing insecure has risen by 2.4 percent
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