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Bensalem Public Safety launches trading card contest

Young residents can collect all 103 to win a special prize

The Bensalem Township Police Department and Bensalem Township Fire Rescue Trading Card Program is returning for 2023. This program is designed to develop communication and interaction between members of the police department, fire department and young Bensalem Township residents. It’s a great opportunity for children to meet and get to know the first responders that serve their community.

Members of the police department, fire rescue and Mayor Joseph DiGirolamo have trading cards with their name, position and photograph on the front portion of the card. The back of each card contains a brief biographical statement.

Children (grades K-8) are encouraged to collect all 103 trading cards by approaching police officers and firefighters and asking for their card. The trading card program will also help familiarize young residents with the names and faces of officers and firefighters, so that perhaps in a time of need, it’s easy for them to reach out and ask for help.

The following prizes will be awarded once all 103 trading cards are collected by an individual and are verified by the Bensalem Township Police Department:

– 1st place: Sony PlayStation 5
– 2nd place: Apple Watch
– 3rd place: Apple AirPods Pro

Any township school that is not represented by the top three winners will have a separate contest. The first student to collect all 103 trading cards, in that school, will receive a prize or gift card. A minimum of 14 prizes will be awarded during this contest.

It’s understood that it may take some time to collect each card since patrol officers work rotating shifts, may be off duty or in training. It’s important that children only approach officers when they are not actively involved in a police call, such as a car stop, interviewing witnesses or directing traffic. Children are encouraged to wave down officers and firefighters to obtain a trading card.

Trading cards are now available and the contest will end by Friday, June 9, or until all prizes have been awarded. Participants can either print out a checklist from bensalempolice.org and download the attached PDF or pick up a copy of the checklist when they visit the police department while on the hunt for trading cards.

Once you have collected all 103 trading cards, contact Lorrain Ely at 215-633-3674 or Lt. James McGinty at 215-633-3721 to set up an appointment to have your cards verified.

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