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Big state dollars for Bucks

$5.8 million in grants from the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency was announced by local lawmakers


Democratic lawmakers representing districts in Bucks County announced $5.8 million in grants from the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency.

State Reps. Tina Davis, John Galloway and Perry Warren joined Sen. Steve Santarsiero in announcing the following grants:

• $70,250 to the United American Muslim Association of NY Inc. for safety and security upgrades.

• $75,000 to the Zubaida Foundation for safety and security upgrades.

• $525,164 to Bristol Township for mobile data computers, camera and license plate recognition upgrade, and fixed LPR recognition.

• $515,793 to the Central Bucks Regional Police Department for maintaining and expanding the co-responder Victim Services Unit, consultant counseling services for victims of crime and for officer wellness and mobile data terminals and laptops.

• $125,200 to Falls Township for retention bonuses and implementation of a recruitment program.

• $68,371 to Lower Makefield Township for Cellebrite physical analyzer annual subscription and related forensic subscriptions, Talino forensic workstation, AXIOM software and related training expenses.

• $89,793 to New Hope Borough for CODY Pathfinder records management system, body worn cameras system and accessories licensing.

• $144,049 to Plumstead Township for Records Management System upgrade, in-car cameras, automated license plate readers and an evidence-building camera.

• $70,915 to Yardley Borough for mobile data terminals, body-worn cameras and license plate readers.

• $3,079,328 to the Bucks County Commissioners to support the salary and benefits of two new county detectives, one new prosecutor and four task force officers.

• $47,000 to the Network of Victim Assistance for the 2023 National Children’s Alliance Member Child Advocacy Center.

• $291,162 to the Bucks County Commissioners – District Attorney for Rights and Services Act compliance for 2023 and 2024.

• $304,396 to NOVA for Rights and Services Act compliance for 2023 and 2024.

• $254,422 to the Bucks County Commissioners – Juvenile Probation for Victims of Juvenile Offenders 2023 and 2024.

• $66,174 to A Woman’s Place for improving response to domestic violence victims.

• $71,463 to KS Consultants for the Bucks County Youth Justice Advisory Board.

“This state funding for the Bristol Township Police Department will help make our streets safer, our homes safer, our workplaces safer,” Davis said. “A commitment to public safety will fuel Bristol’s economy, drawing new homeowners and contributing to Bristol Township’s growth. This is a wise investment in Bristol Township’s future.”

The grants from PCCD will allow localities to invest in infrastructure critical to their core functions and prevent them from becoming obsolete. The grants to Bucks County will allow the Commissioners and District Attorney to hire new officers, detectives and a prosecutor who will lighten the individual caseload and allow the county to function more efficiently. Finally, the organizational grants will allow the various nonprofits in the community to continue to operate in a way that maximizes the safety and security of all involved.

“We owe our safety to the Falls Township Police Department, so I am proud that the Falls Township FTPD Recruitment and Retention Program has been awarded this state funding to retain its great officers and implement a recruitment program to build an even stronger department,” Galloway said. “This is state funding being put to great use to build safer and, therefore, stronger communities.”

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