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Bucks receives Election Integrity Grant

The county will be given over $2 million for the administration of elections


The Department of Community and Economic Development recently announced funding awards to Pennsylvania counties through the Election Integrity Grant Program. Bucks County applied for a grant and will receive $2,451,987.10.

Under Act 88 of 2022, DCED was tasked with establishing the program to provide grants to counties for the administration of elections. Funding amounts were based on the number of registered voters within the county in the previous primary election.

Eligible uses of the EIGP funds include:

– Costs of county board of election duties related to processing of voter registration applications
– Payment of staff at polling places on election day; payment of staff needed to pre-canvass and canvass mail-in ballots and absentee ballots
– Physical security and transparency costs for centralized pre-canvassing and canvassing
– Secure preparation, transportation, storage and management of voting apparatuses, tabulation equipment and required polling place materials
– The printing of ballots
– Training costs for district election officials

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