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Ribbon cutting at Cobalt Ridge Park

The new playground at Cobalt Ridge Park, which boasts inclusive features for children of varying abilities, celebrated its grand opening

Source: Middletown Township

Middletown Township board of supervisors joined community members earlier this month for a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the grand opening of the new playground at Cobalt Ridge Park.

The Department of Public Works broke ground in the beginning of June to replace the 17-year-old playground, which is one of a few in the township that aims to broaden inclusive features for children of varying abilities.

The new playground features: wheelchair access; solitude seats designed for children on the autism spectrum; a music feature; expression swings with adaptive seating for adults and children to sit face-to-face; new benches; and trash cans.

“We are pleased to expand our parks for residents with varying abilities,” said chairperson Mike Ksiazek. “It is part of our vision to continue to offer recreation spaces that are accessible to everyone in the community.”

Vice chairperson Anna Payne added, “I grew up in Cobalt just a few houses away from the park, so I’m excited that kids of all abilities will be able to play, learn to socialize and interact with their environment.”

The playground design checks all seven principles of inclusive play that qualifies it as a National Demonstration Site for Inclusion.

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