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Murder charge refiled in Trooper case

The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office is working to have Jayana Tanae Webb - who struck and killed PA State Troopers - charged with third degree murders, a charge that was dismissed due to lack of evidence


The Bristol community won’t soon forget the fateful morning of March 21. Local Pennsylvania State Trooper Martin F. Mack III and Trooper Branden Sisca were trying to aid Reyes Rivera Oliveras as he walked along I-95, but all were fatally struck and killed by 21-year-old Jayana Tanae Webb, who was under the influence of alcohol.

Webb was charged with third-degree murders, but Philadelphia Judge Karen Simmons recently dismissed these charges at the end of a lengthy hearing. According to a forensic toxicologist, Webb’s blood alcohol content was twice the legal limit, but the judge ultimately agreed with defense attorney Michael Walker, who argued that Webb’s actions were an accident, not malicious or intentional.

Though she’s still facing other charges, such as involuntary manslaughter and homicide with a vehicle with DUI, the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office wasted no time in refiling the third-degree murder charges. At this point, the date is TBD as to when the judge will hear the refile motion.

On the heels of the judge’s dismissal of the charges, Pennsylvania State Troopers Association president David Kennedy released the following statement:

“Our investigators did an amazing job. There was absolutely no testimony during yesterday’s hearing that should’ve led to the dismissal of the most serious charges. Judge Simmons struck another blow against law and order in Philadelphia. Dismissing these charges sends another message to criminals that you can literally get away with murder. Once these charges are refiled by the District Attorney’s Office, it’s our hope a top prosecutor will be assigned to this case. Everything must be done to ensure justice is served for these brave troopers and their grieving families.”

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