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FDR middle schoolers learning how to make amends, practice mindfulness

The Bristol school partnered with the Tariq Khamisa Foundation for a 10-session curriculum series

Franklin D. Roosevelt Middle School has been partnering with the Tariq Khamisa Foundation to teach restorative practices, including managing emotions, practicing mindfulness, making amends and forgiveness, building supportive relationships, practicing conflict resolution, and how to become a peacemaker.

The TKF Restorative Workshop is a 10-session curriculum series that sixth grade students participated in once a week in their social studies classes. Seventh grade students participated in the lessons in their health class. The curriculum was designed to meet instructional educational standards for character building, social competency, healthy decision making and personal safety.

In sixth grade, the sessions were co-taught by school social worker Dr. Meredith Leach and teacher Heather Foster, and school counselor Shana Almeida and teacher Kristin Retallick. In seventh grade, health teacher Jaclyn Strapple collaborated with the school social worker and school counselor to deliver the lessons.

Lessons focused on implementing positive behaviors, being mindful, connecting actions and feelings, and using restorative methods and vocabulary.

“The lessons support social emotional learning by using vocabulary that is helpful for mindfulness and managing emotions,” said Foster. “By using situations students can relate to and practicing the vocabulary, they feel comfortable and secure expressing themselves. They start sharing stories, realize they are not alone in their experiences, and show compassion to each other.”

One of Foster’s favorite lessons focuses on harm. In the lesson, students became aware that ripples are created that can reach many people. The impacts and consequences of harm or “ripples” does not only affect the student in the moment. The harm or conflict “ripples” can impact peers, teachers, families and others. Foster said that students need to understand the effects their actions and behavior may cause.

Ultimately, TKF’s main goal is for students to be peacemakers. To be a peacemaker, students use restorative practices to mediate conflict, reduce harm and learn from their mistakes.

“Problems will always come up in students’ lives and we want them to respond as peacemakers,” said Foster.

FDR initially began partnering with TKF before the pandemic. When COVID hit, TKF made the lessons more virtual-based. They made resources, PowerPoints and other materials available to the teachers.

“TKF is always there whenever we need support,” said Foster.

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