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Doylestown Arts Festival celebrates successful weekend

Approximately 12,000 came out to support artists, musicians and small businesses

Source: Doylestown Arts Festival
Source: Doylestown Arts Festival

The 30th annual Doylestown Arts Festival, held last month, was a success as an estimated 12,000 people came out to support the local community. This was the first time the festival returned to the streets since 2019.

For over 10 months, volunteer organizers worked to carefully plan and execute the annual tradition, which is free to the public, in partnership with Discover Doylestown, Doylestown Borough and dozens of local businesses, organizations and residents. Throughout the planning process, organizers worked to strike a balance between public health and sustaining the festival’s mission to support the local art, business and cultural community.

“We navigated some uncharted waters to make this year’s festival possible and it took a village,” said volunteer director Paul Boger. “We didn’t know what to expect. We worked through the challenges and counted on everyone to do their part. The turnout and support from every corner of the region was incredible to witness. I’m very proud of what our team and community accomplished here.”

For many of the 125-plus artists and musicians, this was their first return to public events in nearly two years. The streets were filled with art and music, and people came out in force to show their support to dozens of artists, small businesses and restaurants, which reported their highest sales weekend in recent memory.

While the festival was scaled-down, quality was not sacrificed. Talent ranged from professionals to students, who showcased regional creativity.

Behind the scenes, over 150 volunteers worked from before dawn until well after the crowds had gone home to ensure the event ran smoothly. In cooperation with local and regional artists, museums, cultural institutions, musicians, businesses and the Bucks County Classic, the Doylestown Arts Festival served as a comeback for the community in a time of continued need.

Plans for the 31st annual festival are already underway. Visit dtownartsfestival.com for more information.

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