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Bucks County Commissioners issue statement on masking in schools for 2021-22 school year

They’re leaving it up to the individual school districts to decide what’s best for students and staff


As shifting national and local COVID numbers complicate the debate in many school districts over whether to require masks for students in the fall, the Bucks County Commissioners reiterated that each school district will maintain the authority to decide what’s best for its students and staff.

The commissioners issued the following statement:

“The one constant during the past 16 months has been the inability to accurately predict how the virus may affect communities week-to-week, month-to-month. Because of this, all schools should be prepared to implement masking requirements based on conditions in Bucks County.

“School board directors and school administrators are free to allow whatever guidance they feel is most appropriate for their students and staff, as they are the ultimate authorities in their districts. We recommend they also consult their solicitors.

“For decades, the Bucks County Health Department has run multiple programs to protect the health of the children of our county. For all those who share this commitment to keeping our children safe, the best way to accomplish this is to get children over 12 vaccinated, to get yourself vaccinated and to make sure those they interact with are vaccinated.

“The current surge in serious COVID cases around the nation is among those who are unvaccinated. While being vaccinated is not a guarantee against getting COVID, almost all of the COVID-related deaths and hospitalizations around the nation are among those not vaccinated. For those who never wish to wear masks again and don’t want their children to have to go to school wearing masks, please get yourselves and your children vaccinated.”

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