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Filing for Unemployment Compensation benefits now available by phone

The Pennsylvania Teleclaims System is part of the Department of Labor & Industry’s new updated system


The Department of Labor & Industry announced that a new version of the Pennsylvania Teleclaims System, which allows individuals to file for unemployment benefits by phone, is now online. PAT, which replaces a different file-by-phone system, is part of L&I’s new, modern Unemployment Compensation system, which was launched Tuesday.

“PAT allows individuals who lack computer access an easy way to file for their weekly unemployment benefits,” said Acting Secretary Jennifer Berrier. “By making the change to our new UC system, we’re able to offer this service around the clock while providing individuals with the option to view more details about their claim online.”

Individuals who wish to file for benefits through the UC or Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation programs can do so by calling 888-255-4728, seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Unlike filing online, which requires a Keystone ID, individuals who file using PAT use their PIN (personal identification number) and Social Security number to identify themselves when claiming UC benefits. During the call, individuals will be asked to respond to a series of questions by dialing their phone.

Individuals will need the following when calling PAT to file a weekly or biweekly claim for benefits:

– Access to a touch-tone telephone or a push button telephone with a tone-pulse switch
– Social Security number
– A pen and paper to note important information

PAT will notify individuals during the filing process if an issue exists on their claim. Individuals with issues on their claims can contact the UC Service Center by phone or email for assistance.

Individuals opening a new claim who wish to file by phone should contact the UC Service Center by phone at 888-313-7284 (Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.) and let them know they will be filing by phone in the future. The UC Service Center will file an initial claim and mail them important paperwork with a PIN to use while filing over the phone in the future.

Individuals can also file an initial claim online using the new UC system at benefits.uc.pa.gov. Note the creation of a Keystone ID is required when using the new online UC system.

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