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Pennsbury Education Foundation announces spring grant awards

Eleven grants totaling nearly $15,000 will help fund educational initiatives across the district

The Pennsbury Education Foundation recently awarded 11 grants to schools across the Pennsbury School District, totaling nearly $15,000.

The PEF is a 501(c)(3) organization that relies on donations and supports the purpose of improving teaching and learning in Pennsbury through innovative educational initiatives. Grants are awarded through an application process that occurs twice each year.

The following grant recipients were announced by PEF president Annette Young:

– Oxford Valley Elementary School principal Donna Minnigh and librarian Jennifer Dillon: $500 was approved to expand the school library collection to include books that represent diverse cultures and perspectives
– Pennsbury High School East principal Reggie Meadows and teacher Grant Palmer: $813.68 was approved to purchase a mobile recording unit for the music department
– Makefield Elementary School principal Donna McCormick-Miller and teacher James Parsons: $673.97 was approved to purchase technology for use in physical education classes
– Edgewood Elementary School principal Stephanie Hultquist and teacher Lynn Holmes: $1,482.40 was approved to purchase 80 Code & Go programmable robot mice
– Pennwood Middle School principal Derek Majikas and teachers Monica James, Elizabeth Schrader and Colleen Brodbeck: $500 was approved to support a pop-up exhibit presented by the African American Museum of Bucks County
– Charles Boehm Middle School principal Travis Bloom and teacher Lisamarie Belmonte: $1,500 was approved to purchase pickleball sets for physical education classes
– Quarry Hill Elementary School principal Richard Rebh and librarian Barbara Pesature: $500 was approved to fund the use of the MackinVia digital content management system
– Quarry Hill Elementary School principal Richard Rebh and teacher Katie Veneziale: $270.90 was approved to purchase L3 Skills: Lifelong Learning for Life Skills educational games and activities
– Afton Elementary School acting principal Jeanmarie McGinley and teacher Kristin Slota: $2,919.90 was approved to purchase digital microscopes for use by students in SPARK classes
– Penn Valley Elementary School principal Barbara Hidalgo and school counselor Arlene Johnson: $3,800 was approved for the purchase of two concrete picnic tables for outdoor classroom use
– Manor Elementary School principal Terri Salvucci and teacher Patricia Kropp: $1,782 was approved to purchase Breakout EDU kit for collaborative student learning

In addition to gathering generous donations from local funding sources and individual donors, the PEF also participates in the PA Department of Community and Economic Develpment’s Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program, which awards tax credits to businesses making contributions to the PEF. Click here for more information.

Individuals interested in contributing to the Pennsbury Education Foundation through PayPal or Amazon Smile can learn more here.

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