Jove house hunting app launches new tools for post-COVID era

Jove has released the ability for homes to be toured visually through VR walkthroughs

Source: Jove

In response to COVID-19 restrictions and enhanced safety measures in the post-lockdown market, Jove, founded by Bucks County locals, is releasing Virtual Reality functionality as well as seamless integration with mortgage and insurance partners to allow for a contactless home search and finance experience. Jove is also offering digital solutions from home search to closing.

Jove has released the ability for homes to be toured visually through VR walkthroughs. Users will have the ability to access all available virtual reality properties through their iOS application and

Jove has partnered with MortgageCS to offer a fresh and improved way to get a great mortgage with 100 percent transparency. MortgageCS said it will give clients the “insider’s view” of the mortgage industry and center on an online first platform to streamline financing. Visit for more information.

Jove has partnered with Woop Group Insurance to give clients insurance options with comparisons and real prices, no unwanted sales calls or emails in a 100 percent automated online process, and the option to interact with reps only when needed. Visit for more information.

Jove said its mission is to cater to users in this new way of living. Jove’s Instant Showings was a response to busy lifestyles, removing the need to wait hours or days for an agency.

Jove will be releasing social media posts around both VR and new partnerships in the coming weeks. It will focus on automating the application for agreement of sale so it can empower buyers to generate contracts from the safety and convenience of their couch.