Bucks County Playhouse presents ‘Playhouse Live!’

The free streaming variety show takes place Sundays at 7 p.m.

Julie Halston by Bill Westmoreland

While in-person live performances are waiting in the wings, Bucks County Playhouse is presenting Playhouse Live! – the free live-streaming variety show on Sundays at 7 p.m.

This week, Sunday, April 19, the Playhouse will feature its popular storytelling series Word of Mouth, hosted by renowned storyteller Michaela Murphy, Bucks County Playhouse’s director of education. It can be viewed on BCP’s Facebook page.

Entitled Word of Mouth: Risk, the program will feature four highly-acclaimed actors/storytellers, beginning with Julie Halston, who just completed her role of Rita Marshall in the Broadway production of Tootsie. Returning to Word of Mouth is National Public radio’s Ophira Eisenberg, known for her program Ask Me Another. They will be joined on the program by humorist/author/performer Mike Albo and anthropologist/storyteller Edith Gonzalez.

Producing director Alexander Fraser is pleased to present these weekly experiences with the Playhouse’s executive producer Robyn Goodman.

“As we continue these days of quarantine and safe distancing, we are happy to connect with our friends in this very creative way,” said Fraser. “This week, Playhouse Live! again features the Playhouse’s Word of Mouth storytelling series, offering a perfect tonic to escape in these stories as told by a fantastic group of professional storytellers.”

“It’s an honor to work with these celebrated artists,” added Murphy. “Our sessions are dynamic and thought-provoking as our guests share their personal stories in their unique, entertaining style.”

Audiences wishing to join Murphy and company for Word of Mouth can join the Zoom webinar from the Bucks County Playhouse homepage at bcptheater.org/, or see it streamed live on the Playhouse’s Facebook page at facebook.com/bcptheater/. Information about guests for upcoming editions of the series will be announced shortly.