Return of the ‘Cool Kids’

Indie-pop sibling band Echosmith brings ‘The Lonely Generation Tour’ to Philadelphia’s World Cafe Live

Music to our ears: Indie/pop band Echosmith brought its ‘The Lonely Generation Tour’ to Philadelphia’s World Cafe Live, located at 3025 Walnut St., on Feb. 15. It was in promotion of the siblings’ highly-anticipated and long-awaited sophomore album of the same name. Samantha Bambino / Times Photo

It was a bittersweet night on Saturday, Feb. 15, for indie/pop band Echosmith.

On the one hand, fans hailing from virtually every age group packed into the downstairs venue of Philadelphia’s World Cafe Live, located at 3025 Walnut St., for The Lonely Generation Tour – a cross-country promotion for the Chino, California siblings’ highly-anticipated and long-awaited sophomore album of the same name, released on Jan. 10 … seven years after their debut album Talking Dreams.

But at the same time, Sydney (lead vocals) and Noah (bass) Sierota took the stage for the first time without their oldest brother Graham (drums), who was spending the night in the ER for a yet-to-be-determined illness.

Still, being the pros and lifelong musicians that they are, the Sierotas made the show go on, with their father Jeffrey willingly stepping in for his son.

“He taught us everything we know,” Sydney said of her dad, with pride. “It’s like daddy-daughter day, except with all of you.”

It’s inarguable that Echosmith continues to be best known for its 2013 hit “Cool Kids,” which reached No. 13 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was played non-stop on all major radio stations. Even if a concert-goer purchased a ticket solely to hear that song, they surely went home with a deeper appreciation for the band’s larger work of music, which Sydney has been known to describe as “dreamy pop.”

After such a delay in the release of new music, Echosmith didn’t hesitate to create a setlist jam-packed with fresh material. The first quarter of the show encompassed Lonely Generation tracks such as “Love You Better,” “Diamonds” and “Lost Somebody” as well as the 2018 single “Over My Head.” Each song boasts a mellow yet enjoyably catchy vibe, with lucky guests in the front row singing every word back to the Sierotas.

The crowd was then transported to 2013 with the sweet love song “Bright,” during which a disco ball hanging from the ceiling sprinkled the band and audience alike in sparkling lights.

The show took a brief darker direction with the heart-breaking “Everyone Cries” before Echosmith brought back the cuteness with “Follow You,” which Sydney wrote as an engagement present to her husband, Cameron Quiseng. Though her initial gift idea was a watch, penning a song proved to be much more affordable.

“Watches are expensive!,” she said with a laugh.

This very personal song for Sydney flawlessly transitioned into the equally-touching “Tell Her You Love Her,” also from 2013, followed by 2020 tracks “Scared to Be Alone” and “Last Forever.”

Energy was at an all-time high during the hit “Talking Dreams,” which saw Sydney commanding the stage while spinning a colorful sun umbrella in her hand. As she ran across the stage singing the positive lyrics, “This is a good day, this is a good sign, you’ve got green eyes and I’ve got sunrise,” it was absolutely impossible not to smile and sing along.

As a surprise treat, Echosmith covered the popular Dua Lipa single “Don’t Start Now,” drawing excited cheers from the audience.

Naturally, as an encore, Echosmith performed “Lonely Generation,” an ode to empty real-life conversations caused by social media dependency, and “Cool Kids,” a relatable anthem for anyone who just wants to fit in.

Overall, The Lonely Generation Tour was a memorable experience for old and new Echosmith fans alike. Despite the absence of Graham, who received an ear-shattering shoutout from the crowd, Sydney and Noah gave it their all.

They showcased pleasing vocals, a likable stage presence (Sydney’s appearance and humor is reminiscent of actress Anna Kendrick) and multi-talented abilities, getting their hands on various instruments in the span of an hour. An unforgettable moment was when they pounded on wall-hung drums in perfect harmony – a perfect tribute to their brother.

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