Bucks County Community College mourns loss of long-time trustee

Frank J. Fazzalore, who had been an active member of the college’s governing board since 1996, passed away Nov. 20

Bucks County Community College is mourning the loss of long-time trustee Frank J. Fazzalore, who passed away on Nov. 20.

Fazzalore had served on the college’s governing body from 1996 until his passing, including having served as a board of trustees chair from 2002 to 2004.

College president Stephanie Shanblatt, Ph.D., described Fazzalore as the ideal trustee who “cared deeply about our students and always ensured that the board considered them first.”

“He was dedicated to this volunteer role, always came prepared for meetings, and offered tremendous insight into the financial aspects of the college. Of course, finance was Frank’s background and other trustees looked to Frank for guidance on budget and finance matters,” said Shanblatt. “He was kind and generous to other trustees and to the staff of the college. His inquisitive and fair-minded spirit will be deeply missed.”

Board of trustees chair Elizabeth Fineberg said Fazzalore was an active contributor to the board who will be missed.

“The members of the board of trustees will truly miss the presence and contributions of Frank J. Fazzalore, or ‘Fazz,’ as he liked to be called,” said Fineberg. “Frank was an influential and always present trustee for the 24 years he served on the board. ‘Fazz’ was a valued contributor to policy development and provided rock-solid financial acumen which he shared with his colleagues to ensure the long-term viability of the college. Frank was ever mindful of the college mission to provide the citizens of the county with an affordable, quality education. Frank’s efforts and legacy will be reflected in the future through the lives of the students who have attended Bucks.”

Fazzalore’s full obituary can be found here.