Bucks creates web portal for 2020 census information

Bucks County has created a web portal for 2020 census information and resources

Bucks County has created a web portal for 2020 census information and resources.

The portal, created by the staff of the Bucks County Planning Commission, can be found at 2020census-bucksgis.opendata.arcgis.com.

Among the portal’s offerings are pages explaining the importance of the census and the benefits of full participation; the reasons behind the census questions that are asked of residents; measures that community leaders can take to help raise awareness and encourage participation; key dates in the census timetable; and a link to census job opportunities.

“Participating in the census is a civic responsibility for each of us, no different than jury duty,” said Evan J. Stone, executive director of the planning commission.

Earlier this year, the Bucks County commissioners noted that census results help decide how more than $675 billion in federal funds are spent across the country, how congressional districts are allotted and how state legislative and school districts are drawn.

It has been estimated that for each Bucks County resident not counted, the county could lose up to $2,000 in federal funding per year.

By mid-March 2020, Bucks County residents should begin to receive invitations by mail to respond to the census questionnaire via one of several available methods – including online, by mail and by phone.