Southampton Free Library has disc golf kits available for checkout

Learn a fun new sport

Have you ever been walking through Tyler State Park or Tamanend Park and had a Frisbee go flying past you, and then heard the rattle of a chain? Have you wondered what those people were doing? Learn about disc golf through two kits available from the Southampton Free Library.

With the help of the Bucks County Disc Golf Alliance and the Professional Disc Golf Association, the library has put together two kits to introduce locals to the sport of disc golf. Each kit contains three discs, an instructional DVD, a reusable scorecard and dry erase marker, a booklet of disc golf rules and an informational sheet about disc golf and the local course in Tamanend Park.

All items come in an easy-to-carry tote bag, which includes a separate area to carry a water bottle. The kits are available to check out for three weeks and can be checked out from any library in the Bucks County Free Library system.

β€œIn making these kits available to the public, we hope to raise awareness about the sport of disc golf and the two disc golf courses that are located in the Bucks County area. We want people to have a chance to learn new things and enjoy the local area,” said outreach librarian Liz Griswold.

By offering these kits, the Southampton Free Library hopes to expand access to new and different formats and provide the necessary tools to learn new skills. It seeks to be a community educational center that is more than just books.

To learn more about offerings at the library, 947 Street Road, Southampton, visit or call 215-322-1415.