Northampton Seniors defeat Supervisors in bocce challenge

The team retains bragging rights for the 11th consecutive year

From L: Supervisors Adam Selisker, Eileen Silver, Kim Rose, and Barry Moore, and Seniors John Konstantis, Janet Tompkins, Bob Pavie and Pete Palestina.

The annual bocce challenge between the James. E. Kinney Senior Center bocce team and the Northampton Township Supervisors team took place on June 18 at the courts of the senior center, located at 165 Township Road, Richboro.

The Seniors team was comprised of 10-time defending champs Janet Tomkins, Bob Pavie, John Konstantis and Pete Palestina. They took on the Supervisors team, comprised of Barry Moore, Eileen Silver, Kim Rose and Adam Selisker.

This contest was a best-of-three game event, with the winner being the first team to win two games. The Seniors won the first game 11-1 and the second game 11-7, thereby retaining bragging rights for the 11th consecutive year.

Despite the thunderstorm and heavy rain forecasted, the games took place without a hitch and the weather cooperated.

Prior to the match, Seniors player Palestina gave his team 10-1 odds to beat the Supervisors. Common Pleas Judge candidate Grace Deon was on hand to do the coin flip, determining which team would roll first.