New Hope Celebrates hosted 2019 annual NERP Conference

The Northeast Regional Pride event welcomed guests from as far as Montreal

The Times

New Hope Celebrates hosted the 2019 annual NERP (Northeast Regional Pride) Conference from March 7–10. Every year, a city is chosen to host the conference for their region, and New Hope was chosen for the second time since 2013. Sponsored by Interpride, an organization that unites Pride organizations worldwide, it is an opportunity to share ideas and celebrate traditions.

Delegates came to spend the weekend in New Hope from as far north as Montreal, to as far south as Charlotte, North Carolina. Staying in local hotels and B&Bs, they were greeted by New Hope Celebrates’ board members and volunteers, and introduced to all New Hope has to offer.

Local restaurants including the Green House, the Deck at Bucks County Playhouse, Ferry Market, and Logan Inn sponsored breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Entertainment was provided by the Raven and Bucks County Playhouse.

Workshops such as “Creating Safe Spaces for LGBT Youth” united new and existing members in discussions and issues important to all. Ivyland Railroad and New Hope Borough Hall were among the locations hosting workshops throughout the weekend.

In their free time, delegates strolled through town, visited shops and took in the beauty of Bucks County. Penn Medicine sponsored a Restorative Yoga class at the Cornerstone Gym for added relaxation.

New friendships were made with the anticipation of next year’s conference. When the weekend ended and delegates returned home to cities such as Boston, New York and Philadelphia, they returned with a piece of New Hope in their hearts.