Fitzpatrick, Wallace gain support

The two congressional candidates received several more endorsements

By Tom Waring

The Times

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 98 endorsed Republican Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick for re-election in the 1st Congressional District.

“Such an honor to be endorsed by this historic labor union, which has been advocating for the interests of the working families of Bucks and Montgomery counties for well over a century now. I promise to continue representing working-class interests like prevailing wage and retirement security and remain committed to investments in infrastructure improvements in our local communities that enhance quality of life and create jobs for working-class families,” Fitzpatrick said.

Local 98 business manager John Dougherty wrote to Fitzpatrick, “In Congress, you have proven to be a dependable ally for the labor movement. You have stood with us in opposing right-to-work laws while supporting federal project labor agreements and prevailing wage. You have also offered your steadfast support of judges who respect labor’s rights to collectively bargain and you remain committed to boosting retirement security for the labor community. As a member of the House Committee on Small Business, you have provided a strong voice for working families in our region.”


Fitzpatrick also received backing from the United Mine Workers of America.

“I appreciate the recognition of the United Mine Workers of America for my work in favor of the interests of the working families of Bucks and Montgomery counties. I am committed to continue representing their interests including safe work conditions, good wages and secure, stable pensions,” Fitzpatrick said.

Edward D. Yankovich Jr. UMWA International District 2 vice president, wrote to Fitzpatrick, “On behalf of the UMWA International President, Cecil E. Roberts, and Secretary-Treasurer Levi Allen, be assured that the United Mine Workers of America will work diligently toward your being successfully re-elected and look forward to a positive partnership with you. Working together, we can make life better for working families.”


More than 98 percent of members in the 1st Congressional District voted to endorse Democrat Scott Wallace.

There are more than 14,000 MoveOn members in the district.

Wallace faces Republican Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick and Libertarian Steve Scheetz.


The National Federation of Independent Business last week endorsed a number of candidates, including Republican Wendi Thomas in the 178th Legislative District.

Thomas is challenging Democratic Rep. Helen Tai.

“Because they are frequently impacted by decisions state lawmakers make, it’s critical for small businesses to know who will support them in the future,” said Rebecca Oyler, NFIB’s Pennsylvania legislative director. “The NFIB Pennsylvania PAC has chosen to endorse these candidates because we are sure they will have the back of Pennsylvania’s entrepreneurs and small businesses, and they will vote for policies that enable small companies to expand, hire more people and contribute to growing the state’s economy.” ••