Neshaminy board member served with legal notice during meeting

IMG_7872A Neshaminy School Board meeting took a strange turn Tuesday evening as one of its members was served with what appeared to be a notice to appear in court.

Board Member Mike Morris was approached and served paperwork from a Bucks County constable following the public comment portion of the meeting. The constable also had paperwork for Neshaminy Solicitor Thomas Profy III, who was not present at the meeting.

Morris indicated almost immediately that he expected to be served, though not during a public meeting. He made several references to Bucks County Magisterial District Judge John I. Waltman, suggesting that he was behind the legal action.

“A pure demonstration of political abuse is what we’ve just experienced here,” Morris said during board comment. “That paper being served is a paper trying to tell me to shut up, don’t say what’s going on. I want to tell you right now … that man has made calls to people threatening me, which he is under investigation very soon for.”

Morris then apologized for the public for the interruption of the meeting.

“This is probably the last time I’ll be talking about it for a while, but I’m sure you’ll be reading about it,” Morris said.

After the meeting, Morris confirmed that the Waltman was involved and will be represented by the Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Solar, P.C. Calls to that law office and to the district court were not immediately returned.

Morris told the Wire afterward that Waltman is not suing him personally.

“This is a school board. He knows he can’t sue me personally. He’s suing the school district,” Morris said. “It’s all about me. He doesn’t want to run next year. That’s all it’s about.”