Election preview: Duome wants more outsiders in

This is the fourth in a series of interviews with candidates for Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional District. All candidates were given the opportunity to speak with the Midweek Wire before the April 26 primary.

Marc Duome views himself as the outsider candidate in the Republican primary for the 8th Congressional District.

“I’m not a politician and I’m not related to one,” Duome said. “I could continue what I’m doing, but I’m concerned with the direction of this country that I decided to run in this race.”

Duome, a Plumstead resident and clinical psychologist and neuropsychologist, points to the birth of his granddaughter, Amilia Rose, as the motivation to run for Congress. His concern for America’s future amplified when he thought about hers.

“The compass points are pointing toward an outside perspective, a business perspective … The other guys have done public sector work with nice resumes, but they’ve never been in the private sector,” Duome said. “If I ran my business like Washington is running, I wouldn’t be here more than for six months.”

Duome believes his perspective is important, especially regarding health care. He said he would vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act, believing it to be a “bureaucratic monstrosity.”

“It is an albatross around the nation’s neck,” he said. “If we went to a system where you had competition across state lines, where you went with a major medical-type plan, where you could pick what your plan was, premiums would be really tiny.”

Duome wants an overall more limited role of the federal government, instead allowing the states and the people to self-govern. The federal government, he said, should take care of the basic fundamentals, like national defense.

“The kneejerk reflex of Congress is to be everything to everybody,” he said. “I don’t think it’s Congress’ job to run our lives.”

Duome believes in supporting veterans, adhering to the Constitution and limiting terms for members of Congress. He pledged to serve no more than three terms if elected.

“I would not suggest building a concrete wall,” Duome joked, though one of his priorities is securing U.S. borders. He does support “virtual walls,” meaning increased attention to surveillance systems and security. “We have the manpower down there. Let them do their job.”

He also suggests “cutting out the incentives” for illegal immigration. That means defunding sanctuary cities and cracking down on illegal immigrants benefiting from health care and education in the United States.

Duome is a pro-life and Second Amendment advocate. He encourages private sector growth and “personal responsibility.”

“It all comes down to common sense,” he said. “Government should be there to protect us. It should take care of the basic infrastructure. I really believe more power needs to be in the states’ hands.”