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WirePOLITICS: A look at the primary results for Pennsylvania judicial races

By Tom Waring, the Wire

Pennsylvania voters last week chose candidates to run in the general election for three seats on the Supreme Court.

Six Republicans and six Democrats ran.

The Republican winners were the endorsed slate: Judy Olson, Mike George and Bucks resident Anne Covey, a current commonwealth judge who lives in Upper Makefield. They were trailed by Cheryl Allen, Rebecca Warren and Correale Stevens.

“At a time when the ideological makeup of the state Supreme Court hangs in the balance, Republican voters have elected three strong candidates with a deep commitment to judicial reform,” said Rob Gleason, chairman of the state Republican Party.

The Democratic winners were David Wecht, Christine Donohue and Kevin Dougherty. Wecht and Dougherty had the party endorsement. Democrats did not make an endorsement for the third seat. Anne Lazarus, Dwayne Woodruff and John Foradora placed fourth, fifth and sixth.

In the Democratic primary for Superior Court, Alice Beck Dubow easily defeated Robert Colville, 58.50 percent to 41.50 percent. The party did not endorse a candidate.

In the Democratic primary for Commonwealth Court, Pittsburgh lawyer Michael Wojcik defeated Scranton attorney Todd Eagen, 54 percent to 46 percent. Eagen had party backing.

Republican Emil Giordano was unopposed in the Superior Court primary and will face Beck Dubow.

Republican Paul Lalley was unopposed in the Commonwealth Court primary and will face Wojcik.

“Republicans stand poised for victory this November,” said Gleason, the party boss. “The Republican Party of Pennsylvania has the best grassroots network in the nation, and I would like to thank our wonderful volunteers who knocked on doors, made phone calls and reached out to their friends and neighbors about our wonderful judicial ticket. With our team of judicial nominees and hundreds of Republican nominees for local office in place, the Republican Party of Pennsylvania looks forward to working hard to electing a great ticket this fall.”

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