WirePOLITICS: Fitzpatrick, Sarbanes reintroduce No Child Left Inside Act

This article’s headline has been updated to reflect the correct title of the bill: No Child Left Inside. We regret the error.
By Tom Waring
Wire Staff Writer

US. Rep, Mike Fitzpatrick (R-8th district) joined Maryland Democratic Rep. John Sarbanes in reintroducing the No Child Left Inside Act, a bill that would bolster American students’ environmental literacy and encourage young learners to become dedicated environmental stewards.

“Promoting environmental education is a down payment on our future. Study after study shows that connecting kids to the world around them improves student achievement in science as well as reading, math and social studies — all which directly strengthen our future global competitiveness,” Fitzpatrick said. “I’m proud to once again work with Congressman Sarbanes on this common-sense bill that will inspire the next generation of doctors, scientists and engineers while ensuring we’re fulfilling our responsibility to promote environmental stewardship and conservation across the country.”

The bill would provide federal grant funding for teachers who design and implement environmental education programs in and outside of the classroom. It would also cultivate partnerships and strengthen relationships among school districts, colleges, environmental nonprofits, parks and other community-based organizations.

“The legislation introduced by Congressman Fitzpatrick would help bring this important topic of environmental education to the attention of the public,” said Maryellen Noonan, environmental educator with the Bucks County Conservation District. “Many children view the environment only on a screen. Teaching about the environment should be done outdoors, but many teachers lack the tools necessary to be effective environmental educators. This bill will change that.”