Knits2Go: Easy Hat

Quick to knit and oh so warm for those chilly winter days. Betcha’ can’t make just one!


Materials: 2 skeins Wool Roving from A2Z Fibers, LLC

SizeOne size fits most.

US Size 9 & 10needles
Gauge: 4sts & 5 rows = 4”(10cm) in stockinette stitch on size 10 needles.

Yarn Needle

Using smaller needles, cast on 66 sts and work in K2, P2, ribbing for 8 rows. Change to larger needles and work as following.

Hat Body:
Row 1: Knit
Row 2: Purl
Repeat rows 1 & 2 three times more (total 8 rows).
Row 9: Purl
Row 10: Knit
Repeat rows 9 & 10 three times more (total 16 rows).
Repeat rows 1–16 once (total 32 rows)
Row 33: Knit 3, k2tog, repeat from across row.
Row 34: Purl
Row 35: Knit 2, k2tog, repeat from to across row.
Row 36: Purl
Row 37: K1, k2tog, repeat from across row.
Row 38: Purl
Row 39: K1, k2tog, repeat from across row.
Row 40: Purl
Row 41: K2tog across row.


Cut the yarn leaving 12” tail and thread in yarn needle. Run the tail through all of the live stitches. Pull tightly to close the top of hat. Sew side seam and weave in the ends.


K = knit; P = purl; k2tog = knit 2 sts together; St(s) = stitch(es); WS = wrong side; RS = right side; [ ] = repeat instructions in brackets, until 4 stitches left on your left hand needle.

Designed by Uyvonne Bigham ©2014. No portion of this pattern may be photocopied or stored in an electronic retrieval system without prior written permission from designer.

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