Hatboro: Eaton Park projects back up for debate

The Hatboro Council is once again looking for public input on what, if any, changes should be made to Eaton Park.

A resident committee charged with collecting public opinion and advising the Council’s decision on work in the park will reconvene this month. The committee was formed to address disagreement from citizens about whether or not to use the area for public works storage.

“The objective is to determine if Eaton Park is viable, and if anywhere else is viable,” explained Diane Hegele, assistant borough secretary.

The committee was formed following public dissent at a meeting last February. The Council contracted Thomas Comitta Associates to address much-needed updates to Hatboro’s police station, public works building and borough hall.

The firm recommended building a pole barn in Eaton Park to house landscaping equipment currently being stored in the police station, and also installing a bandshell for recreational purposes. However, the Council opted to consider other options after residents protested the plans. “There was a lot of public outcry about the location,” explained Hegele.

Residents can send comments or suggestions to Diane Hegele, Borough of Hatboro, 414 S. York Road, Hatboro, PA 19040 or email dhegele@hatborogov.org.